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play_circle_filled play_circle_outline SIGHTLESS TOUCH™ The only true eyes-free HMI for in-car infotainment systems

DRIVER DISTRACTION CONSEQUENCES Automobile companies have long realized that the future lies in driver entertainment. More and more companies are offering a variety of services in the vehicle's infotainment system to enhance the driving experience. However, this is at odds with the need to keep driving safe.
It is simply impossible to look at the road and screen at the same time.
It is estimated that at least 6% of car accidents are attributed to driver distraction, caused by using the infotainment system while driving. arrow_forward_ios arrow_forward_ios arrow_forward_ios

Inpris's Sightless Touch technology is designed to be used sightlessly. Instead of looking at the screen and touching a particular area as in the standard touchscreens, the technology maps the hand of the user and assigns each finger a specific role within their car’s multimedia. By using different fingers for different interactions and conforming the screen to your finger’s location, Inpris's Sightless Touch enables you to control the infotainment system without looking at the screen. Lightning fast motion detection, eyes-free usage, and multi-finger interaction are just a few of the benefits of the Sightless Touch technology. Get your jam on within seconds. No more shuffling through menus to find what you want to listen to. Pre-define your favorite playlists and songs to get you groove on when the moment hits or configure your favorite radio stations to be launched in a moments notice. Just use your index finger to swipe, and get it going! Turn The Music Up Use your middle finger to navigate your way. Whether it’s home, a dinner date, or grandma’s – find how to get where you need to go, now. Navigate Your Way Talk Sooner Talk with anyone within a moment’s notice. Inpris's Sightless Touch helps you communicate quickly and safely using your infotainment by taking the distraction out of searching for favorite contacts. Launch a phone call right away with Sightless Touch’s pre-defined contacts and favorites. Use your ring finger and swipe up to call home or left to call the office, whichever way you slide, you’ll be talking in seconds.

Slide Ben Gurion University research, Israel, May 2017 Auto adjustment Hybrid voice commands Enables Multitasking Multi-lingual SIGHTLESS TOUCH™ Technology The drivers who used the Sightless Touch system identified the same hazards significantly faster. In addition, the average amount of time required from the drivers to complete the tasks was notably shorter (less than half the time) when using the Sightless Touch system, whether the task was performed orally or manually.