1Can the InprisWay remote control be used as a universal remote control in music applications?
Yes, double-clicking on the center button of the remote control lets you switch from controlling the application to use as a universal remote control and vice versa.
2Can I operate the application without the remote control?
Yes, the app can be operated by finger gestures (for explanation: click "?" In the application).
3Where are the codes for running the app?
Inside the box there is a note with 3 codes that allow installing the application on three different cell phones.
4Is it possible to connect the phone to the remote control and the multimedia system of the vehicle or the headphones at the same time?
Yes, the remote control functions as a keyboard and does not interfere with a headset or a multimedia connection.
5I clicked the ON button, and the light is not on?
The remote control may be connected to the Bluetooth connection, so the light is off. If there is no connection - it is best to turn off the remote control and turn it on again to see if the light is on, or the battery should be replaced.
6The connection to the remote has lost. The blue light blinks and there is no reconnection between the phone and the remote control. What should I do?
Some actions can be performed: (Depending on your device)
  • Enter the settings screen of your mobile phone > Bluetooth Settings.
  • Click on Details (entering the screen with a list of devices and a gear mark next to each)
  • In the Inpris line, click on the gear icon
  • Clicking "Unselect" (the Inpris sign will now appear as an available device).
  • Click on the line to create a match between the remote control and the mobile phone.
7And if that does not help either?
Then turn off the phone and on again, then reconnect the remote to the phone using the Bluetooth settings.
8The sign is connected, but the app is not responding, what should I do?
Restart the phone and restart the system (clicking the Inpris icon or long clicking the center button on the remote control).