About – Inpris

Nissan Yaron

Inpris CEO and co-founder

Nissan Yaron, Inpris CEO and co-founder is a Major in the reserves. Served in the Israeli intelligence, and trained by the 8200 unit, Nissan knows how to use deep technology and to lead teams to achieve ambitious goals. Nissan graduated from the Sam-Spiegel film and Television school, and before establishing Inpris, he was a film director and producer.

Ben-Etzion Yaron

Inpris CTO & Co-Founder

Ben-etzion Yaron, Inpris CTO, and co-founder is a leading veteran in the Israeli high-tech sector. For more than 30 years, Ben-etzion led the Hebrew university internal software developments and won several awards for innovation and technology, including the prestige KAEY award.