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How do I connect InprisWay remote control to my mobile phone?

The remote control arrives with a battery inside. Pull out the plastic from the battery compartment of the remote.Click the power button on the lower left side of the remote control. A blue LED lamp will begin to flash.Turn on the Bluetooth connection. Look for Inpris in the list. Click on Inpris to link remote control to your phone. When the connection is made, the light will  stop blinking.

How to turn off the remote control?

Pressing the lower left button for about three seconds will turn off the remote control.

You will see three blue flashes of the LED bulb and then the remote will turn off.

How do I run the app when I get into my car?

When entering the vehicle, the remote control should be turned on by pressing the power button briefly. A message will then appear on the phone screen that the remote control is connected. You can now double-click one of the buttons to sign in to the app.
If this does not work, the app is probably not running at all. Click the “Inpris” icon to activate it and connect it to the remote control.

How do I replace the battery?

The remote control comes with a battery that should last for several months. When the battery is finished, carefully pull out the battery tray on the left side of the remote control and replace the battery. For your convenience, a spare battery is included in the box.

How do I control a music apps such as Spotify?

Set your favorite music app on the heart settings screen. Then, by double-clicking the heart button, you can reach your favorite apps. After opening a preferred application, you can switch to universal control mode by double-clicking the center of the remote to change songs and change volume. In order to switch back to InprisWay intrface, click the heart button or double-click again on the center button.

How to define shortcuts?

Access your app’s settings by clicking the settings button located at the top left of the app screen. Within the settings, choose the desired category, such as navigation, and at the screen click on the white squares located around the icon in the center of the screen to set the shortcuts. It should also be repeated in your preferred phone, radio, and apps settings.

How to create the most effective voice recognition?

The remote control does not have an internal microphone. If the wireless device is connected to a multimedia system or to a headset, talk to the microphone of the multimedia system or the connected headphones.
If the wireless device is connected to another Bluetooth component such as a smart clock, disconnect the connection and talk to the wireless device, or to the connected Bluetooth component, provided that it has an internal microphone.
If the wireless device is not connected to any Bluetooth component other than the remote control, talk to the cellular itself

How do you activate messages?

When you receive a text message ( SMS or WhatsApp) and you are using  the app, a pop-up with four options will open on the screen. Press right to hear the message, below to record a voice answer, left to ignore and close the screen, and up to return the pre-prepared answer.
When we are in another application such as Waze, the system will announce the receipt of a new message.  You’ll see a small triangle at the top of the screen with a number that includes the number of messages waiting for hearing. By pressing the button on the remote control (the lower arrow), a pop-up will open to hear and answer the messages. In addition, pressing the message button controls whether messages will wait for hearing or automatically open. This is done by opening and closing the upper banner, and when it is closed the messages will accumulate until it is opened, and when it is open the messages will automatically appear on the screen.

I'm using Waze, how do I return to InprisWay?

You can click the heart button once to return to the last screen we were in within the InprisWay app.
You can double-click one of the main buttons to reach the screen of that button (such as: double click the radio button will switch to the radio screen)
Long pressing the main buttons will activate a voice command even if you currently see Waze or any other application on the screen

I get a phone call while I'm navigating and it covers my navigation screen

Click the “Back” button on the top left of the remote control to close the phone screen and  to see the navigation screen again

The remote control is connected, but when I click the buttons I can only change the volume

Both applications – “Inpris remote” and “InprisWay”must be installed and all  the permissions must be obtained in both applications. Now run the “Inpris Remote” app If everything is installed correctly and still happens, the  remote control may be in a universal state. Double click on the center of the remote to move to the InprisWay control.
If this still does not work, go into the wireless device settings, and under “Accessibility” settings turn off the Inpris access control and restart it.

I've finished driving but the app continues to voice my incoming messages

You should close the app either by pressing  the “return” button while the app is on screen, or by pulling down your phone’s messages menu and pressing on “InprisWay is working , press to close”, and approve the closing of the app.

I've connected the remote in the past, but now it wouldn't connect

  • Check whether the Bluetooth is on. If not, activate the Bluetooth and wait for the automatic connection.
  • If the Bluetooth is on and still there is no connection it still won’t connect , try pressing on “Inpris” on the list of paired devices.
  • If the phone still won’t connect, reboot the phone and try again.

I've activated the remote and installed both apps but the phone doesn’t respond to the remote

You should start the “Inpris remote” app. On the bottom-right corner of the screen there is an icon indicating whether there is a connection between the remote and the phone. If the icon shows there is no connection, you should check again the Bluetooth connection.

My voice commands are cut by the system. It only responds to a part of what I say

You should speak only after the microphone becomes green, approximately 2 seconds after the system finishes  asking. For example: you should wait 2 seconds after hearing “where to?” and only then saying the full address of the destination

The navigation is opening a list of addresses and doesn't navigate directly to my desired destination

You should give out loud the full address of your destination, including the city, street and street number. Also, you may name businesses that their address may be found on google.  In case you give only a partial address, the system will open a list of possibilities. When giving full address, the system will navigate directly using waze.

I say the name of a radio station when using voice commands but the radio station doesn’t begin to play

You should refresh the radio stations list. Double click the radio button on the remote. After entering the radio screen of the app, double click again on the radio button and a list of radio stations will appear on the screen and will get updated. Press “back” in order to close the list. Now you can define the radio station you wish to hear using voice command. You can reopen the list by clicking the triangle in the left center of the screen

Sometimes, when launching the app, I see a black/white screen

It is possible that your phone is trying to shutdown the Inpris Remote app which works at the background. You should enter the phone’s settings, and under “battery saving” choose the Inpris Remote app and tick “no restrictions”. Don’t worry, it almost doesn’t use any battery. There is no need to perform the same for the “InprisWay” app.

I have a Xiaomi phone and sometimes the volume gets stuck/I get a black screen

You should activate the app, security>lock apps>settings tick Inpris remote and then reboot the phone

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