Most user-friendly HMI feature of 2016

Inpris has been nominated for the “Most user-friendly HMI feature of 2016” award at the annual industry CAR-HMI convention in Berlin, Germany.

Hundreds of senior-level executives and segment leading professionals from the international automotive industry gathered together in Berlin to discuss best practices and the challenges and solutions, for the future technology trends  in the field of HMI and Usability

During the event, the award ceremony took place, in which Inpris discovered that it had been awarded within the “Most user-friendly HMI feature” category. In the end, Volvo was 1st place, Continental Automotive got the 2nd place, and Inpris took the 3rd place.

We are proud to be placed amongst such an influential companies

“We were surprised to find that we were nominated amongst this industry leading players, and even more so to receive this prestigious award. It is an honour for Inpris to be recognised by the industry for its innovation and technology” – Nissan Yaron, Inpris CEO