Inpris signs a strategic agreement with Hardstone Asia to equip one million vehicles with Inpris’s unique technology – SIGHTLESS TOUCH™

By 17 בMay 2018news

Inpris and Hardstone Asia are launching “Inpris Way”, powered by Inpris’s proprietary technology SIGHTLESS TOUCH™, the first distraction-free interface for messaging, calling, navigating and playing music while driving.

The deal includes a global distribution of InprisWay interface, which will be installed in a million car-multimedia devices within two years. The technology is expected to be implemented in Toyota, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Nissan vehicles and more in a number of countries. In the last year, Hardstone and Inpris have been working in joint R&D on the Sightless Touch project.

Nissan Yaron, co-founder and CEO of Inpris: “We are excited with the signing of the agreement with Hardstone that will result in hundreds of thousands of drivers around the world enjoying a safe driving experience with the InprisWay system. For us, this is just the first step towards transforming our SIGHTLESS TOUCH™ technology into a major player in the global automotive market. Many innovative features are coming in the next few months. We are also working with partners on integrating InprisWay with a HUD “