How can I get Sightless Touch?

If you’re a driver, OEM, or aftermarket distributor contact us by sending a message to learn more about how you can get Sightless Touch for your infotainment system.

Does Sightless Touch use voice commands?

Inpris Sightless Touch does not rely on voice commands. Research has shown voice commands, in general, are slow, cognitively distracting and unreliable. With that being said, we do provide drivers the ability to use voice commands if they wish to do so. Sightless Touch’s voice commands are also designed to be faster, less distracting and more reliable than traditional voice command systems, but the real magic happens in your fingers

How long does it take to learn how to use Sightless Touch?

You can start using the Sightless Touch right away, it’s easy, intuitive, and you’ll receive instructions as you go. Thanks to the Sightless Touch inherent nature, after driving with Sightless Touch just a few times you will be able to use it without even looking at the screen, and with minimal distraction.

Is sightless touch a software or hardware?

The S.T. (Sightless Touch) technology is software based, and works through Capacitive Multi-Touch screens.

Is this only for car companies?

It is possible to purchase an Aftermarket version – go to our page “GET S.T.”

So sightless touch is a product or a technology?

Sightless touch is a patented technology that will be integrated into new cars in the upcoming years. However, you don’t need to buy a new car to have access to S.T., we at Inpris created a fully operational aftermarket system for you with great features such as thousands of radio stations, improved voice mechanisms and more, which makes it one of the most advanced systems available for purchase today. 

What is the aftermarket system comprised of?

An Android tablet based infotainment system, having the Sightless Touch UI (User Interface) as the main interface.

Could I use my phone as my touch pad?

In the next version of S.T., Android users will be able to use their phone as an extension of the infotainment screen, controlling it through the phone screen.

Is it compatible with both iOS and Android?

The first version is Android based system, but both Android and iOS users will be able to connect to it using their phone.

Do I need to buy the whole aftermarket package or just use my phone?

You need to buy a designated Android system. Go to page “GET S.T.” for more information.

Is there a physical way to tether your phone to the system?

In most Android phones, you can share your internet connection with the infotainment system. The S.T. phone application streamlines the process by recognizing you through Bluetooth, then automatically launching the hotspot connection as soon as you get into the car.

So the technology follows your fingers (like your finger placement doesn’t matter)?

Yes, you can place your fingers anywhere on the screen, so you don’t have to look.

Do you need to keep your fingers on the screen throughout a command?

The sightless and fastest way to launch a command is by a simple three part movement – place three fingers on the screen, remove 2, and slide with the remaining one. You can also split it into 3 different gestures – tapping with three fingers, tapping with one finger on the desired circle, then sliding with one finger to select your desired command.

How long on average does it take to initiate a command?

After some practice, not more the 2-4 seconds.

So is it like a web of shortcuts?

You can think about the Sightless Touch technology as an advanced shortcut mechanism that deals with the most common tasks you do while driving your car.

Do you personalize the shortcuts?

Absolutely, everything is customizable.

Can your preferences carry over to different cars with the system?

If you have the S.T. complimentary phone app, every car that has the system will recognize you automatically and will setup your preferences so you’ll feel at home immediately.

What is the security risk of that stored information?

No personal information is being stored in the car. Even your contact list is being used “on the fly” and is not stored in the car, so you can leave the car without leaving any personal data there. 

What happens if multiple people have the Sightless Touch App, all in one car?

The system detects the one that got connected to the Bluetooth first. If by any chance you want to replace the user, no problem – you have a button for that.

How do you connect to the internet?

If you don’t have internet connection in the car, you can use your phone to share internet connection with the system through a hotspot.

Does this create some sort of driving lock on your phone?

We are opening a black screen to encourage you not to use the phone when you are driving, but you can close it if you want. You are responsible for yourself.

Can the other functions of the Tablet be accessed?

Yes, you can minimize the Sightless Touch UI and use the tablet without it. We don’t recommend you doing this while you are driving.

Can a non-company individual buy just the software to integrate it into something else?

Send us a message with your Android system and if it’s compatible, we’ll be happy to let you install it by yourself.

Do you have a patent?

Sightless Touch by Inpris is protected by two approved US patents and a few more pending patents in the US, Korea, India and more.